2016 / 2017

    A legal immigrant from Brazil tells her daily experiences in the United States, as her homeland plunges into an unprecedented political and economic crisis, which culminates in the impeachment of the president. Meanwhile, she struggles to settle down in the U.S., working in both countries at the same time — through the internet — and building a house in South Carolina. In the background, history writes itself between terrorist attacks and Donald Trump’s political trajectory toward the presidency.  (April 2017)+

lerkepod6    A puzzling inheritance leads Ariel Link to Hohenems, his father’s hometown. An unknown woman bequeaths him a secretary, and her daughter Lerke is left to work out the details. From this chance meeting a fragile love story with an uncertain outcome develops. A tribute to memory and its intertwined connections to daily existence. Published with the support of Bundeskanzleramt Österreich. (October 2016) +

pbnypodfinal1    In the age of “Sex and the City,” when Manhattan has been elevated to the Mecca of the world, Wolfgang Hermann prefers to wander through the red-light district, immigrant quarters, bad neighborhoods and the docks. Hermann’s readers are confronted with homeless people, immigrants and the poor. Other people and their stories abound in his writing, although Hermann’s poor flâneurs are not granted the privilege of merely strolling and observing, for encounters play a particularly pivotal role in his texts. (October 2016) +

nodegreespod    With her firm control over the act of writing, Noga Sklar produced in No Degrees of Separation something that is not an epistolary novel, nor poetic prose, nor fiction, nor a diary — albeit it contains elements of all those — while, at the same time, shamelessly exhibiting the autobiographical source that feeds it. (November 2016) +

return capa3    Herr Faustini lives alone in a small Austrian village close to the Swiss border. He is content to spend his days as he always has: in the company of his cat, his old armchair and two beloved potted plants in his little garden. A series of events cause Faustini to question the boundaries of his life. He finds himself trying to tie the little tricks of destiny into tighter knots that would give deeper meaning to his own existence. +

   In Welcome to America, Noga Sklar chronicles her first year as a legal immigrant in the US, including the adventure of receiving a Green Card and a South Carolina drivers license. Divided between her working day in Brazil, where she still runs a company through the Internet, and the building of a new foundation in a new country, Noga shares her deep feelings and ironic views on Brazilian and international politics, the American way of life, love and conflict, daily routine, the small things that turn each life into a meaningful, unique experience. +

capalinokindleengp   Rich with insight and wit, “Who’s Afraid of the Blue Fairy” describes the numerous conflicts that exist in contemporary life. More than we know, our children struggle to cope with differing worldviews, trying to make sense, among other things, of their parents’ ideas about “politically correct” education. +

Krowd2KINDLEFINAL    Spring is here, and the second edition of Krowd Review is is dedicated to hummingbirds and other exotic fauna from the Brazilian lowlands, as lyrically reflected in the wildly flowered, exquisite prose of one of the most important Brazilian contributors to world literature, João Guimarães Rosa, beautifully analyzed by Bernardo Marçolla and translated by Noga Sklar. +

Print   In June 2015, the prolific Brazilian publishing company KBR expanded its international operations to include the United States. KBR established itself as the first international press in South Carolina in October of that same year. Introducing KBR’s Krowd, a unique Book Club Project, KBR brings the best of international literature to the American reader. This is the first issue of Krowd Review, an exciting literary experience. It features some of our best authors, translated from German and Portuguese, as well as a wide panoply of styles, emotions and cultural backgrounds. +

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