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Krowd Spring 2016

            Each story in Krowd Review #2 – The Spring Edition is a wild journey in its own particular way. Spring is here, and the second edition of Krowd Review is is dedicated to hummingbirds and other exotic fauna from the Brazilian lowlands, as lyrically reflected in the wildly flowered, exquisite prose of one of the most important Brazilian contributors to world literature, João Guimarães Rosa, beautifully analyzed by Bernardo Marçolla and translated by Noga Sklar. Moreover, KBR’s senior advisor Alan Sklar once said that “art has a random element that comes from the unintended, the collective unconscious. It is magic, it is the universe talking through you.” Therefore, not by coincidence, as I was working with this special edition I was not surprised to realize that the Chinese character for “spring” is also the one for “life, love and lust.”

Krowd Review Winter 2015

              This is the first issue of Krowd Review, an exciting literary experience. Willing to expand your cultural understanding through the joy of reading? In June 2015, the prolific Brazilian publishing company KBR expanded its international operations to include the United States. KBR established itself as the first international press in South Carolina in October of that same year. Introducing KBR’s Krowd, a unique Book Club Project, KBR brings the best of international literature to the American reader. It features some of our best authors, translated from German and Portuguese, as well as a wide panoply of styles, emotions and cultural backgrounds.